Bubble Guppies


Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies is an American preschool children's television series
produced for Nickelodeon and created by Jonny Belt and Robert Scull.

The series revolves around the underwater adventures of a group of
mermaid-like preschoolers.

Bubble Guppies live in the imaginary underwater city of Bubbletucky, which could possibly be a pun of Kentucky.

Gil has blue hair and a green spotted tail. He is regularly the subject of a contuning joke that repeats during the episodes.

Molly has pink hair with a blue bikini top and a blue wavy tail. She is possibly Hispanic due to her light brown skin color.
She sings nearly all the pop songs with her blue fish microphone, while the other guppies sing backup.

Deema has large orange hair with gold earrings, an orange bikini top and an orange spotted tail.
She is often a store owner and sings most dance songs. Deema often speaks in a hyper voice and also makes many lunch jokes.

Nonny is smart character who almost never smiles. He has orange hair and a green striped tail. He also wears a blue scuba mask implied to be glasses.

Oona has purple hair in pigtails and has a purple striped dresslike tail with no bikini top. She is possibly Asian due to her yellow skin color and having nearly oval shaped.

Goby has purple hair with a purple wavy tail. He sometimes sings dance songs like Deema, but a few less. He is possibly African American due to his dark brown skin color.

Mr. Grouper is preschool teacher who is orange and yellow, and can change colors.

Bubble Puppy - puppy who is Gil's pet and has brown and white fur. He has a green collar and a yellow license, and was adopted in the episode, "Bubble Puppy."


Episode List


Season 1: 2011
Episode Title
Air Date
1 Call a Clambulance! January 24, 2011
2 The Crayon Prix! January 25, 2011
3 Bubble Puppy! January 26, 2011
4 Build Me a Building! January 27, 2011
5 Ducks in a Row! January 31, 2011
6 The Grumpfish Special! February 1, 2011
7 The Moon Rocks! February 2, 2011
8 Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf? February 3, 2011
9 We Totally Rock! February 28, 2011
10 Fishketball! March 01, 2011
11 The Legend of Pinkfoot March 02, 2011
12 Gup, Gup and Away! March 03, 2011
13 The Spring Chicken is Coming! April 15, 2011
14 Boy Meets Squirrel April 22, 2011
15 Have A Cow! May 6, 2011
16 Super Shrimptennial Celebration! September 19, 2011
17 Happy Clam Day! September 20, 2011
18 Can You Dig It? September 21, 2011
19 Bubble Bites! September 22, 2011
20 Haunted House Party October 24, 2011
Season 2: 2011-2012
21 X Marks The Spot November 4, 2011
22 Happy Holidays Mr Grumpfish December 9, 2011


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