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Princess Sheep



The player.


Year: September 24, 2007

Dog - is a joyful dog who always likes to play with his WordFriends. He is the brave and he was able to communicate with a monster and follow a ghost. Dog is also the only WordFriend who cannot talk, and lives in a HOUSE.


Sheep - is a WordFriend who is kind and intelligent. She lives in a stack of HAY. Sheep can sometimes be a little selfish. She helps her friends out by dressing up as characters as diverse as a princess and a superheroine.


Bear - is a WordFriend who is kind and intelligent. She also a good artist, and lives in a CAVE. Bear afraid of the dark.


Princess Sheep

Bear and Sheep want to play their favorite game. It is a princess game. But they only have one crown. Sheep promises to take turns wearing the crown and being princess. She gets royally carried away playing her role. When Sheep understand she hurts Bear's feelings, she learns that a true princess isn't egotistic, but kind and generous instead.

Build a Word: CROWN




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